Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an efficient, adaptable technology solution for managing business processes and strategies by optimizing the client management life cycle.

Real’s prime focus is to provide an abstract approach based on your company’s business values and help you gain a 360-degree view across marketing, sales, and customer service departments to assist you in responding quickly to changing business environments.

Our CRM COE has standardized the functionalities to help you gain deeper business insights and agility, to attract and increase client retention, and be equipped with better decision support. We deliver comprehensive CRM solutions designed for your organization, with potent and intuitive workflow capabilities to streamline and automate regular tasks as well as organization wide business processes for improved operational efficiency.

Maximize your benefits by collaborating with us to create a perfectly integrated CRM solution that converts your existing customers into lifelong customers and potential customers into new customers. With our dynamic CRM solutions, your business can

  • Achieve an all-round customer view
  • Achieve high user acceptance and productivity
  • Enable application flexibility
  • Accelerate project delivery and ROI
  • Attain increased performance, scalability
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